Campus Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register my child for school?

All new students are asked to register at the school they will be attending. To speed the registration process, go to forms. You may complete these forms and bring them with you to registration; otherwise, you will be asked to complete the forms upon enrolling. These forms ask for demographic information such as the following: An accurate home address and telephone number (if a post office box is used for mail, an accurate street address must be provided as well) The work telephone numbers for both parents (if applicable) The students Social Security number and place of birth The name and phone number of a person, other than a parent, to notify in case of an emergency

In addition, the following information is required of all students enrolling in Northwest ISD schools: Birth certificate Child's social security card when enrolling A copy of the childs records from the school the child most recently attended (typically transferred by the school) Last report card (if available) Immunization records Proof of residency (Deed of Sale, tax statement, rental agreement, utility bill, etc.) Parent/guardians driver license to be examined by the school upon registering

2. How does a parent arrange a conference with a teacher?

Parents are encouraged to have conferences with teachers. Call the campus and leave a message for the teacher and they will promptly return your call to arrange the conference.

3. How does a parent report an absence?

Parents are asked to notify the school before 9 a.m. Students will be counted absent after 9:30 a.m. Students may be excused for temporary absences due to personal sickness, sickness or death in your family, quarantine, or weather and road conditions making travel dangerous.

A note written and signed by one a parent explaining the reason for the absence is required when students return to school (or within three days). Appointments for students should be scheduled before or after school, if possible. If a student is absent for a part of the day for a medical appointment or therapy, they will not be marked absent if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Presentation of a signed statement by the doctor or therapist verifying the appointment.
  2. The reasonableness of excused time requested for the appointment. The reason for an absence must be stated in writing and signed by a parent.

Students will be excused from attending school in order to observe religious holy days if, before the absence, parents submit a written request for the absence. If traveling, students will also be excused for the day they must travel to and from the site where the holy day is observed. Excused days for travel will be limited to not more than one day for travel to and one day for travel from the site where the holy day is observed. Students will also be excused for the holy day(s). Students will be counted as if they attended school that day.

13. How do I join a parent organization (PTA, PTSA, PTO, etc.)?

To obtain information about parent organizations, please click here.

14. What is the campus/district dress code?

Please check the student handbook to obtain information about the districts dress code.

15. Are visitors permitted in the schools? Parents and other members of the public are invited and welcomed to our schools. In order to protect the security of our students, staff, and the learning environment at school, visitors are requested to conform to the following guidelines:

  1. Parents may make arrangements with the principal and teacher to observe in the classroom by calling the school ahead of the visit.
  2. All visitors must first report to the school office, sign in, state the reason for being on campus, and obtain approval from the principal or designee.
  3. All visitors must wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office.
  4. If the parent has a conference with a teacher, they should report to the office prior to the conference.
  5. Since students are very busy during the school day, out-of-town friends or relatives may visit you at school only during your lunch period, if space is available and arrangements are made ahead of time.
  6. Upon departure, all visitors must sign out in the office.

16. How can I receive school news via e-mail?

Northwest News provides breaking and up-to-date information about the district, including closings. To sign up to receive Northwest News, click here.

17. How can I view the districts Student Code of Conduct?

In addition to the book you received at the beginning of school, the Student Handbook at Student Code of Conduct can be viewed atin a PDF format