Cool Links

Cool Links

Time for Kids--Games
Play games while learning about current world issues!

Ask Jeeves
Do you have a question that you have been pondering for quite some time? Do your parents get irritated and tell you to quit asking SOOO many questions? will help you find the answers you are looking for.

National Geographic For Kids

Yahooligans--Kid friendly search engine

Math League Help Topics

Cool Science For Curious Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Time for Kids--News

Fun Brain--Fun, safe, educational games

Harcourt Math Glossary--Great for those pesky math terms with animation!

Texas Senate for Kids--Great place to learn about the state we live in!

Passport to Texas--Take an audio tour through the great state of Texas!

Kids health information

Neat educational information!

PBS Kids Zoom Zone--Easy science experiments for home

HB Math
This is a great math site for all ages. Just click on the grade level and play the cool games!

Math Games
I've never seen so many math games. Check them out!

Fact Monster
This site is a great place to practice your multiplication facts.

Fun Brain
This is a great site for vocabulary and math games.

This site has helpful math videos, resources for parents, and games for kids. This is useful to students of all levels.

Math Dictionary
This interactive dictionary will help you define math words and even provides a picture!

Dance Mat Typing
This is not a math website, but it is still very useful! This is one of my favorite places to go if you are trying to learn how to type, want to increase your speed, or just trying to stop looking at the keyboard.

Rainforest Ecosystem Website