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(mad libs: grammar)


(short stories)


(grammar/English practice)
Social Studies
(practice your continents and oceans)
(practice your continents and oceans)
(play hangman with continents and oceans)
Language Arts Links
Create your own
crossword puzzle
Feed the gorillas by knowing your parts of speech
Listen and watch actors read abook to YOU!
Save their friends with your plural knowledge
Fun spelling game
Make your own word search

Fractured FairyTalesMake your own fairy tale

Riddles, riddles, riddles!
Fun with idioms
It's fun!
Write your own poems

Comic CreatorCreate a comic strip

Choose from a variety of mad libs to complete
Test your Spanish knowledge
Choose your topic and play
Fun Parts of speech game
Numerous games
You'll want to play these till you're blue in the face
Learn alittleSpanish

Primary FrenchLearn a littleFrench

Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language basics
Web search for kids by librarians

Texas Bluebonnet Books

Poem fun
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An interactive environmental web site for children.

Animal Games

Ourgames focus on fun, learning and Internet safety.

Try Science

Click on a topic experiment!

The Why Files

Tons of great answers to your questions!

The Planets

Great resource

NASA Kid's Club

Fun NASA knowledge.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Enough said!
Rocks Rock

Rocks and minerals slideshow.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Live footage of the aquariums.

NOAA Ocean Kid's Corner

Animals of the ocean

Earth's Water Distribution

Where is the Earth's Water?

Water, Water, Everywhere

Groundwater and Freshwater

Visit with Arty (the part-time astronaut).

Windows to the Universe

Everything you wanted to know!

Brain Museum

See the brains of various animals.

Around the World with Jeff Corwin

Travel around the world with Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet.

Cool Science

Cool (and gross) science for curious kids.

The Adventures of Science Bob

Work with Science Bob

How Things are Made
ZOOM Kitchen Chemistry

Fun experiments you can do!

Everyday Math Resources
Internet for Classrooms/Math
Cool Math
PBS Kids
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