ABC's of Kindergarten

The “ABC’s” of Kindergarten


Absences: Please call the front office at 817-215-0550 to report any absences.

Allergies: Please let the nurse and your teacher know if your child has any type of allergy.

Arrival: The front doors open at 7:15 am. Students will go to their classroom when they arrive. If the student eats breakfast at school the student should go to the Café and then to their class. The tardy bell rings at 7:45am.

Art: The children will attend art class once a week. Our Art teacher is Mr. Brown (


Birthdays: Birthdays must be celebrated the last 15 minutes of the day. Please let the teacher know if you would like to bring something for your child’s birthday so they can plan ahead. If you bring a treat it must be store bought.


Car riders: If your child is a car rider the person picking them up MUST have the green car rider paper in their front right side dash. We will not send a child with anyone without that paper.

Conferences: You will have the opportunity to participate in a parent teacher conference in October. However, feel free to contact your child’s teacher anytime you have a concern.


Dismissal: The school day ends at 2:45 pm. Car riders will be in the front of the school and bus riders will be dismissed from the gym. Please let the front office know if there are any transportation changes.


E-mail: E-mail is probably the quickest way to reach a staff member. You can find any staff member’s email address on the PVE website.




Field trips: Your child will have the opportunity to participate in some field trips this year. Information concerning this year’s field trips will be sent home in their binders throughout the year.


Grades: Kindergarten will start sending home report cards the 2nd 6 weeks of school. We will have more information at curriculum night.


Homework: Homework will be sent home later on in the year. It will be sent home in their binders on Monday and should be returned on Friday.


Independence: Kindergarten is a big transition for children (and parents)! We encourage the children to be as independent as possible. We ask that parents assist us by giving children many opportunities to practice being independent and responsible.


Journals: A lot of our work will be done in journals that we will keep at school throughout the year. Do not be worried if your child is not bringing home a lot of work. You are more than welcome to come and visit to see what is going on in our classrooms!


Kindergarten Teachers:

Mrs. Tooke-  Ms. Harwell-  Mrs. Smith-

Mrs. Granillo- Ms.



Library: Kindergarten classes will go to the library on Mondays. Please help your child remember to bring their books back every Monday.  


Lunch: Kindergarten has lunch at 10:45am. Parents are welcome to come each lunch with your child at the tables by the windows!


Music: Our music teacher is Mrs. Nassiff (


Newsletter: Every Friday newsletters will go out for the following week. This will help you keep up with things going on in your child’s class as well as important dates coming up.

Nurse: Our nurse is Mrs. New (


Outdoors: We will go outside for recess every day, unless the temperature is too hot or too cold. Please dress your child appropriately.


P.E.: Our P.E. teacher is Mr. Gage ( Please make sure your child has tennis shoes for P.E. every day.


Questions: Please do not hesitate to call or email your child’s teacher with any questions you might have.


Reading: After our reading assessment in September, we will begin sending home leveled readers. Please make sure to read these books every night with your child. We also encourage that you read with your child at least 4 times a week to help them become better readers!


Snack: Further information will be sent out for you to sign up to send in bulk snacks. Please do not send individual snacks. If your child has a food allergy please contact their teacher.

Toys: Please keep all toys and extra stuff at home. It can become a distraction and can affect other students learning.

Transportation: Please let the front office know of any dismissal changes. Unless we hear otherwise from a parent/guardian, your child will be sent home the way he/she normally goes home.

Take Home Binders: Binders will be sent home every day and should be brought to school every morning. Please check your child’s binder every night to help make sure you know what is going on in your child’s classroom. 


Unique: Each child comes to us with gifts and needs that are unique to him/her. We rejoice in each child’s individuality and will do our best to teach them according to his/her individual needs!


Visitors: When visiting the school, please sign in at the front office and you will receive a “visitor sticker”. When leaving, please remember to sign out.

Volunteers: There will be many opportunities for parents to help out around the school or in the classroom. Let your teacher know if you would like to volunteer. Also, make sure you get a background check through the front office.


Web page: Each classroom has its own webpage. You’ll want to check it occasionally for important information. It can be found on the Prairie View page under the “STAFF” tab.


“Xtra” clothes: If in doubt, go ahead and send extra clothes in your child’s backpack (please make sure they are labeled).


Younger Siblings: We realize that situations may arise when younger sibling need to accompany a parent to a volunteer commitment or class party and are very understanding of this. Still, we do encourage you to find a time to help at school that doesn’t conflict with a younger sibling’s schedule. It means so much to your kindergartener to have your undivided attention when you are at school with him/her.


Z-z-z-z-z’s: Please make sure your Kindergartener gets a good night’s sleep and has a good breakfast before coming to class. Thank you!