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Quaver's  Marvelous World of Music is Here! 

The district has purchased access to Quaver Music for all elementary music classrooms in Northwest ISD for the next 8 years!   You can access Quaver Music's student website at www.quavermusic.com to begin exploring all the wonderful learning activities that will be available to your child. 3rd-5th Grade students have created an account in class already. K-2 students may access the program by clicking on the sign up window in the upper right corner and creating an account using their first and last name as their Quaver name and their student ID number as their password. A parent email is not required so skip that box.  Click agree to the terms of use and select your child's gender (male or female) and then click submit.  

A box will pop up asking for a parent email-click not now.  
After they create their account and the sign up window appears they will need to put in a class code. 


Under the white boxes click on "Have a special Quaver code? click here" and insert the class code.  Then click enter. If this is done correctly when the website appears you will see a student tab at the bottom of the window.


 To access activities you can click on the APPS tab or the STUDENT tab.
See below for your child's teacher and their class code.  (Check back for 2017-18 Class Codes)
Branstetter/Wilkins (Purple group) 
Davidson/Wilkins (Green group)
Ward/Wilkins (Gold group) 
Patredis (Purple group)
Hart (Green group) 
Morgan (Gold group)
Bonnette/Crimin/Vasquez (Purple group) 
Browning/Crimin/Vasquez (Green group) 
Yosten/Crimin/Vasquez (Gold group) 
Duran/Ramon (Purple group) 
Gwartney/Ramon (Green group) 
Seville/Ramon (Gold group) 
Commander/Rodriguez (Purple group) 
Whorton/Rodriguez (Green group) 
Black/Rodriguez (Gold group) 
Tooke/Stokes (Purple group)  
Harwell/Stokes (Green group) 
Smith/Stokes (Gold group)