What is an Assistant Principal?

AP Role

  1. Resource Provider (for teachers and students)
  2. Data Analysis (finding, analyzing, & using data to help make decisions)
  3. Lesson Planning (helping with designing engaging lessons)
  4. Curriculum (content standards, integrating, planning)
  5. Instruction (strategies, differentiation, planning, modeling)
  6. Assessment (help with common assessments, questioning strategies)
  7. Staff Development (instructional facilitator for NISD)
  8. STAAR and TELPAS Test Coordinator
  9. Classroom Support (partnering with teachers)
  10. Mentoring & Coaching (role model, listener, support)

Each role is designed for teacher and student support. I am in classrooms daily, assisting in whatever capacity I am needed. I am available to conference with parents about any instructional concerns. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone...or come in to visit. 

Leah TenEyck