Destination Imagination

Who does DI?

Anyone! Destination ImagiNation is a program that kids of all ages, backgrounds, locales and demographics can enjoy. The only delimiter between DI kids and everyone else is their ability to see change and new ideas all around them; new program participants learn this everyday as well!

Imagine that you and a few friends are given a project to complete in an eight week period, without help from anyone outside the team...

The project involves designing and constructing a technical device that must move from point A to point B under its own power. Imagine that you must also write, produce, and star in a story that involves the technical device. You need to make props, costumes, and everything else, and package it into an eight-minute Presentation. Now imagine that you and your teammates are 10 years old and you are hearing the thunderous applause of an enthusiastic audience as you present your completed project!

Why Team Challenges? Our Team Challenges encourage development of Creative Problem Solving techniques, teamwork and creative process over a sustained period of time, usually eight to twelve weeks. Our Challenges are designed to be:

  • Fun to solve
  • Academically-based (corresponding to education standards) and include a research component
  •  Focused on one or more of the following areas:
    • Technical/Mechanical Design
    • Structural/Architectural Design
    • Theatrical/Literary/Fine Arts
    • Scientific Exploration  Improvisation

Each year teams of two to seven members select one of five competitive Challenges. With the guidance but not help of a Team Manager (who serves as facilitator, not coach), the team creates an action plan and works together to create everything needed for their Presentation


The Destination ImagiNation® Team Challenges and program materials are released annually on September 1. A typical season runs anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, with most teams organizing between October and January. Local Regions and Affiliates typically hold Team Manager Trainings in September, October and November. Some Regions and Affiliates begin preparation for Tournaments in January with Appraiser Training and their Regional Tournaments, but others hold their trainings and Tournaments through April. When you register with Destination ImagiNation, you will receive the local calendar of trainings and Tournaments.

Depending on your teams advancement through Tournaments, your season may continue through May. But whether you advance to Global Finals or not, your team should continue its season through a celebration of its accomplishments of the DI year, and if the team wishes, continue to meet, build teamwork, practice Creative Problem Solving, do Instant Challenges, take field trips and continuing education workshops together, and just have FUN!